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The Earthwork Services Office

Who is Earthwork Services, Inc.?
We have provided computer-aided earthwork calculations to engineers and contractors since the 1980ís. This experience allows us to identify any errors in the grading plan and to offer creative solutions to balance the site and reduce construction costs.

Communication with the customer is a critical component of our service. We work closely with our customers to ensure that the work is done right and on time. Accuracy, experience, fast turnaround, and cost, have made Earthwork Services the earthwork take-off choice for thousands of engineers, developers, and contractors nationally for over two and a half decades.

What Our Clients Say

"Dave Zimmerman and his team build the best terrain models used to calculate earthwork in the industry, hands down."
Doug Both, RCI Construction, Sumner Washington

"Earthwork Services reports have saved us much time and have provided invaluable information in calculating the true cost of earthwork construction."
Guy Huestis, Falls Construction Company Great Falls Montana

"When we are directed to an FTP site on the Internet to retrieve CADD files of grading plans, these guys take care of every thing for us and provide us with a detailed earthwork analysis. They're great!"
Leonard Morrow, Morrow Construction Co, Las Cruces New Mexico

Image of Backhoe "Earthwork Services are fast, dirt cheap, and their stuff is always Right!"
Fred Lamutt, Earth Surface Systems Engineering, Denver Colorado

"Earthwork services has been an integrated part of our design team for over a decade now. We have all the latest and greatest software and computers in house and we still out source our earthwork calculations to these guys."
Hal Grubb, Barghausen Engineers, Kent Washington

"Earthwork Services provides expertise in deciphering and then calculating difficult grading plans and cadd files, and acts as a confidential source to use for overflow work, which frees up key personnel for less tedious tasks."
Pat Gailey, DDI Construction, Sumner WA

A Letter From Dave

Dave Zimmerman

My earthwork services business had its beginnings in the early 60's when my father, Dick Zimmerman, a civil engineer employed by the federal government, developed some of the first earthwork and engineering software available. His software, written in binary code and running on IBM main frames, was used in designing the federal interstate highway system.

In 1966, my father was awarded the highest civilian award by the federal government for his achievements in saving the government millions of dollars in construction costs through the use of his road design programs.

In the 70's, my father worked as a consultant for large civil engineering firms where he implemented his unique software on their main frame computers. Growing up in this environment, I spent literally my whole life, from grade school on, doing computerized earthwork take-offs.

While enrolled in high school and later in college for civil engineering, I worked summers and part time for civil engineering firms as a draftsman, surveyor and grading design technician. I also worked two summers for a general contractor. As my father's business grew, I joined him in providing computerized engineering and earthwork services out of Denver. Shortly after graduating in engineering in 1986, I relocated to Seattle, Washington and opened Earthcalc Inc., a computerized earthwork take-off service bureau. In 2001 I sold the business name, Earthcalc, Inc., to a business in California and have been operating as Earthwork Services, Inc. ever since.

Over the years, either personally or with my staff, I have completed over 25,000 earthwork take-offs for customers all over the world. These projects have ranged from giant residential planed communities to single houses, massive super malls to small commercial sites for individual businesses, huge dams and reservoirs to single ponds, 36 hole golf course resorts to small playfields, and giant open-pit mines to small piles of gravel.

I have been hired by every conceivable type of company or government agency in need of volume calculations throughout the nation. I have also testified as an expert witness for numerous law firms in cases related to volume disputes. However, most of our work comes from civil engineering and construction companies, many of which already own computer systems but prefer to use my service.

My goal for my earthwork take-off services has always been simple: provide an accurate take-off and related graphics as quickly as possible for an economical price. If you are not already using my services, I would encourage you to give us the opportunity to earn your business.

David Zimmerman

CEO Earthwork Services