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Send Us a Job

The best way to get the ball rolling on a new job is the give us a call. We may already be working on the job you are looking at and have it available at a split cost and if you have a close deadline we can make sure that we have a place or can make room for you in our schedule.

The newest method is to use our Online Job Transmittal

If you have a job to send us please give us a call or send us an email earthwork@earthworkservices.com

Earthwork Services, Inc.
To Ship Us Plans
If you are shipping us plans using FedEx, UPS, DHL or another delivery service you will need to ship it to our physical address.
1116 First Street, Comopolis, WA 98537

If you are using the United States Postal Service to ship something to us you will need to send it to our P.O. Box.
P.O. Box 640, Cosmopolis, WA 98537

Job Transmittal
Job Tranmittal Please fill out a transmittal when sending us a job.

Our Job Transmittal is available for download in two formats- (right click the link to save the file to your computer)

You can use the Adobe PDF format to print, fill out and then fax, email or ship back to us.

If you have Microsoft Word you can use the Word Doc format file to fill out on your computer.